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He's Different | p.jm

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she was lost in her own world being someone she wasnt. 

while he wanted to help her find herself even though he didn't have his life figured out either. 

lower-case intended. 

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started: 8/27/16

Woah. Calm down. Your're not gonna do anything to her right?
Jiminisaderp Jiminisaderp Dec 23, 2016
Most if not all Asian countries still do allow corporal punishments so technically it's not Child Abuse?? Well I guess only in those certain countries but in the USA and Canada and others its illegal
Lol.... I was reading the robery scene  and listening to BTS Boy in luv and it fitted along in the story... lol.... so good....❤❤❤
saturnights saturnights Mar 02
if you are jimin i'll let you punish me whatever u want but you are that old ugly looking man which i wouldnt even be interested at all
Hyeong, right... lol... cuz hyung is a name..... and I looked it up and it said Hyeong..... lol....
youlattae- youlattae- Oct 27, 2016
boi u so lucky to steal red velvets album and here i am struggling to order online and wait for  more than 3 weeks for the album to come