Guilty Conscience (Darkiplier)

Guilty Conscience (Darkiplier)

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Septiplier away. ^-^ By septipliersfun Completed

"Mark? MARK! What the fuck is wrong with you?!"

Mark has always had to deal with Darkiplier for as long as he could remember. It wasn't too difficult to live with Dark until Jack moves in with him in L.A. At which point Dark decides he's going to have some fun....

Warning: Contains torture at points.

This is my first fan fic. I'm a huge fan of the concept of Darkipler so this is a fic inspired by many other Darkipler fics! Feel free to comment! Xx

Sequel: Immoral Innocence. 

(Incredible cover art by the amazing Clevermouse! Thank you ❤)

itziaaaaa itziaaaaa Dec 30, 2016
Before I put this in meh library foes this have any sexual content because I don't like that kind of stuff
Loved it maybe you could give me a few pointers cause I want to make one of these for a smaller channel influenced by mark and jack it's name is Reevesonfire
YaimaCR YaimaCR Dec 23, 2016
Like his men. He.. Heh... Hehehhe u eh Uh.. HUEHUEHUEHUEHUEJUEHUEHEUHEUEHEUE
I imagine my dark side would say that...
                              " excuse me bright side?"
                              I mean...nope nope nope bye!~ *runs away*
Everyone here is "Aww...." For Jack but I'm like "SHUT THE FU*K UP MARK! SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK LIKE YOU!!!!"
MalPixelateted MalPixelateted Dec 25, 2016
🎅 coming tonight so im just gonna keep sayin sleep is for the weak