not today » joshler [completed]

not today » joshler [completed]

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tyler's the shy kid that no one pays attention to. josh is the opposite. he's the popular kid that everyone wants to be friends with.
that is, except for tyler.
side ships: brallon, ryden, jalex, tronnor, whatever the frick josh x ryan is, troyler 2.0

highest ranking: #924 in fanfiction

  also one of those stories with all lowercases.

Zmaster150 Zmaster150 a day ago
When my teachers say "Zoe your not gonna be able to get a job in the future if you dont get good grades" im like                 "BI TCH YA DONT NEED GOOD GRADES TO TAKE FREKIN PHOTOS."
smol1beans smol1beans Jul 20
I do that all the time, my parents are like "wtf are you doing "
lil1258 lil1258 Jun 15
ohnhngkjb this reminded me of my grandpa and now I'm fiGHTing tears hngngn
And here I am over here forcing myself to get straight a's and wants to be a freaking zoo keeper
My future hubby wanna be a Dr jk it's just my crush that will never be mine
My mom put our dog down right before I had school and she made me go. I was so sad.