Eye Catchers [BrOhm/H2OVanoss]

Eye Catchers [BrOhm/H2OVanoss]

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~ Y I S H Y ~ By Yishy2003 Updated Jun 06

Ohm and Delirious were always considered different. It could've been for many reasons, yet there was only one in particular. 

It was their eyes.

Their feelings and emotions always shined through their eyes in different bright and dark colors. Orange meaning very happy, green meaning sick, purple meaning pain, red meaning anger, yellow meaning embarrassed or confused, deep blue meaning sadness, black meaning fear, and pink meaning love. 

Although this may seem cool, their lives were pretty rough. An evil, abusive father was on their back 24/7 and they have not once left the lab or what they should call home. Did I mention they were brothers?

After years of cruelty and suffering, the two finally decide they should escape. And there was a lot in store for them when they reach the outside world.

WARNING: Mentions of Rape and Abuse

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Ndaanis_3 Ndaanis_3 Jul 02
*grabs secret knife and hunts down
                              This man.
                                " bish I'm coming for ya."
*Grabs Knife*
                              "I want his death slow and painful."
                              *Police Find Body*
                              "He was stabbed 37 times in the chest."
                              *Police Spit On Him And Walk Away*
ihasnoliyfe ihasnoliyfe Aug 13
my friend told me about this book, we now have an inside joke about the color purple, for the wrong reason
*slowly pulls out pistol and aims at Father* Say hi to mom for me... IN HELL
Now that my young Delirious us what we call 'round these parts,
                              E P I C  B U T T  S E X
smokeandrain smokeandrain Aug 25, 2016
Aaaaa!!this is such a great story! Love it n continue please👌💗