Not Another Bad Boy Cliché

Not Another Bad Boy Cliché

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CHERRI By cherikku Updated Sep 21

It all started when I, Ruby O'Donnell- self proclaimed nerd- found out that my family would be moving from Chicago to the one and only New York City.

Was I happy about it? No, not really. Was I going to use this situation to my advantage? Hell yes.

Up until now, the only attention I've received in my junior year in high school was the occasional teasing and "mild" bullying for being the socially inept and awkward little outcast I am. And now, thanks to my dad's job promotion, I'll never have to see these assholes ever again.

. . .Which means, now's my chance to get back at everyone who's ever bullied me. And who better to help me carry out my sadistic, vengeful deeds than the school's notorious bad boy, Hunter Grayson?

And yes, I know what you're all thinking; "Haven't I already read a book about a stereotypical nerdy girl doing something crazy with the school's well known delinquent, only for them to fall in love in the end and all that fairytale crap?"

Well I- the said nerdy girl who was there for the most part of this crazy messed up story- am here to tell you that this is not another bad boy cliché. . .

© 2016 Cherikku 

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Cosita hermosa, bien hecha, te amo!!, eres el amor de mi vida 💕
briska121 briska121 Mar 22
I loved your trailer it is the best since I started wattpad.
How did I not put two and two together xD oh yeah, that's right, I forgot their names xD too many names to remember 😂😂
Fandoms are Bae. I never use Bae, Bae annoys me and means poop in Danish. Anime... taken over mah life xD
Is this just a coincidence, or is this like saying that Zendaya is better xD
finnnella finnnella Jan 08
When you already forget who saf is so you have to go back to the cast page