Are You Serious?

Are You Serious?

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卌 Alex Rose 卌 By AlexandriaRoseWalker Updated Oct 12, 2017

Meet fifteen-year-old Jesse Coleson, she is shy, quiet and smart but has one hell of an angry side, everyone calls her a loner nerd as she never parties and doesn't have any friends. She does though have a sister, a snobby bitch of a sister called Victoria who is seventeen. Victoria is a girl who loves being with boys and everyone knows it, but in her mother's eyes Victoria is an angel and well Jesse is not.

When Jesse sees her sister crying it's a shock, when she tries to comfort her she finds out the most shocking news. Jesse decides to help her sister no matter how horrible she is to her, Jesse saves Victoria's ass from the wrath of their mother which Jesse knows all too well about.

Jesse is a smart girl and gets accepted into a work programme on the other side of the country, Victoria follows for a few months then returns home leaving Jesse to live her life in a new state away from her family and hometown.

Jesse makes Tori sign a contract making Jesse the one who makes decisions on a certain subject; it's not the most ethical or smartest idea in the book, not only that but Tori also has to tell Jesse something which is signed in the contract. Will Jesse get the answer she is looking for or will not knowing be much easier for her to handle?

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nicoleeloo nicoleeloo Oct 09, 2017
One thing I just realized Victoria is 17 and pregnant and she has been for 5 months now, if you are a girl  and have gone through puberty and you are able to have children you have periods, even if you don't have it every month I think you would take a test a lot earlier.
rebelgirl46 rebelgirl46 Jan 22, 2017
Is a pickled cucumber the same thing as a pickle just curious if that's what they call them in other countries pickled cucumbers I kind of like that
Think_Again_xd Think_Again_xd Sep 15, 2016
I only read the first chapter and I could already tell this is going to be a good book
LadyTokimi LadyTokimi Sep 26, 2016
*Low whistle* all I know is how to do with a car is gas, oil, air in the tires, and how to manage it in the winter, very carefully.