Something Different

Something Different

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Cabelloheartache By Cabelloheartache Updated Nov 18

Shawn is a 17 y.o sophomore. Every girl wants to be with him, nobody is. He rules the school and never took crap from anyone. He has friends, girls, everything. But then a girl standing against her locker reading while listening to music captures his attention 

Camila is a 16 y.o sophomore and is new at Avery High. She had always been the nerd. Coming to Avery High it wasn't any different. She was captured by her books, writing, and her music and what was happening at home. But when that dark haired guy bumped into her and walked away with all her friends, she got captured by something else.

This is Something Different

@BrandonDavidson9 omg thank you for taking the time to do that!!!
@Mendes98_Cabello97 thank you so much! It's a little different than Enchanted but it's a good different!
If a book is by Cabelloheartache I already knos its gonnabe good 😃
Np; I swear Enchanted was sooo intense and ECHANTED 😂 😝
I'm re-reading this and I didn't notice you made "Enchanted", I adored that book, and spent hours reading it all.