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SansyBaby/Sansy/Levi By EndSans Updated Aug 06, 2017

So I'm sans, I'm human right now well. I look human but that's far from the truth. I wasn't always as handsome as I am now.


A skeleton with a blue jacket walked down to the local store, he wore pink fuzzy slippers to keep his feet warm. This. Was a neutral run that would go wrong. A second skeleton was waiting at the little house the first one had left, this was the first skeleton's younger brother, Papyrus. The first much shorter and only a few years older brother was sans. Sans and Papyrus lived in Snowdin in the undergound under Mount. Ebott. When sans returned home with long spaghetti noodles Papyrus took the box from sans and tossed it box and all in a big pot of boiling water. This was a normal day for the brothers.

"This is it Sans!" Papyrus shouted while sans sat watching tv.

"uh huh," Sans nodded not paying attention.

"Sans I mean it this time!" Papyrus said.

"You always do," Sans ...

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ChristyK05 ChristyK05 Jul 17, 2017
*le gaspu* No........No.......NO!! U can't do this...........Oh CoMe on!! ;-;
Sweetblossom12 Sweetblossom12 Oct 05, 2016
Oh boy! I loooove supporting AU's!!!! I hope this grows and becomes something as popular as under fell or underswap
--L4v4St0n3-- --L4v4St0n3-- Sep 16, 2016
This is now getting interesting
                              WAIT I FORGOT MY POPCORN
                              *gets popcorn*
                              K I'm ready let's read!
dxnime dxnime Oct 04, 2016
The intro is a bit straightforward and confusing (which can often lead readers to leave the story if it isn't enticing enough for them) but as you continue to read, it does get better :)
EndSans EndSans Aug 20, 2016
Sorry bout it being short 
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