The Piece of Paper: Jacob Sartorius | Book One

The Piece of Paper: Jacob Sartorius | Book One

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• "It's fine," I look down and try not to let the heat rush to my cheeks. I look up and he's staring at me very closely. "Oh jelly beans," I whisper.

"What?" He chuckles. Right then my cheeks start to go red. I can hear my mom giggle in the background.

I shake my head. Then he leans in again to give me a hug, which I gladly give back. "Bye Jacob." I wave at him.

"Good bye Julia." He waves at me while I walk away.

He remembered my name. He remembered my name people! Oh my god! •

Julia W. is just your average girl. And of course she has celebrity crushes. For example: Jacob Sartorius. She goes to one of his meet and greets and does something no one has attempted before. This not only brings them together, but brings many other things.

ChayanneS05 ChayanneS05 May 21
When it said 'pace' I thought it said 'pee'. I was like: "Wtf, why is she peeing around her room?" 🤔😂😆
I just keep imagining them creepily smirking at each other 😏😂😂
bbyboyjs bbyboyjs Aug 27
I honestly love this its not dirty at all so if my mom sees it she wont kill me for reading it.
- - Feb 26
I want to meet jacob so bad but hes not coming to s.c. and my mom won't drive me to the closest one which is Atlanta ...