Pretty in Punk [ Peterick Crossdressing ]

Pretty in Punk [ Peterick Crossdressing ]

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dankness goddess By stumpkinpie Updated May 29, 2017

Pete is known as the badass punk boy in school, with many friends but also many hidden issues. Though he is not the ringleader, he gets the attention of a certain boy.

Patrick is timid and isolates himself from everyone. Few exceptions include one or two people. But when alone, he is taunted for who he is and what he's into.

Patrick accidentally uncovers Pete's well-kept secret one fateful day as they both coincidently decide to open up.

WARNINGS: Pretty boys in skirts/dresses/panties, mild language, gay, smut, gay smut. ( ,O_o,)

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PrettyInBandom PrettyInBandom Oct 30, 2017
So I read it as today was slow and gay and I had some questions...
GeraldWee GeraldWee Oct 07, 2017
The shirts (I don’t wear skirts) I buy (unless their band merch) are like $5.00, and they’re not bad material.
I came out to my friend on accident in a similar way, we we’re both at a store and we both reached for a binder at the same time
cherry---bomb cherry---bomb Mar 05, 2017
Okay... I'm all up for this and šhit but why the hėll did it come up when I searched for Erisol smut? The fūck?
infinityletsgethigh infinityletsgethigh Dec 10, 2016
"short 15 minutes" ha lier liey pants!!! I make that 15 minutes walk every single fricking day morning and afternoon during the winter and during the spring it's not a "short 15 minutes" it's long and painful when you have done it for 2 years!
sasstrick sasstrick Aug 22, 2016
I've shoved his book so far up my ass & it's like what,, the second update?? My bad