Bandit ~ MariChat

Bandit ~ MariChat

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☀️ allyyy ☀️ By Chocopaws Completed

Marinette Dupain-Cheng has wanted to be a cop and was trained to be one since birth. Trained to hunt down criminals and throw them into jail. But, one certain cat caught her eye, and she just might let him escape. 

Completed Officially: September 24th, 2016.

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Tumblr_Shit Tumblr_Shit Mar 09
This is why 16 year olds aren't aloud to be professional cops
I'm not even surprised at this point... but I am indeed crying
I'm an angel a shotgun
                              Fighting till the war's gone
                              I don't care id heaven wont
                              Take me back 🎤🎤 had too 😅
Then marinette pulls out a mini fun and saves the day
                              Roll credits!
Alya: I used to be in this fic like you *sob* then I took a bullet to the knee
Tumblr_Shit Tumblr_Shit Mar 09
Tf Alyas knee cap is probably blown off rn and your thinking about how you love the blue haired girl