One Last Time

One Last Time

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Serendipitea By -Rainbow_Dash- Updated 5 days ago

Leaving the pony you loved the most feels like losing everything all at the same time. All that's left, are memories. Memories that bring back pain, tears, nostalgia, and wanting to be with that pony one last time. 

Inspired by Ariana Grande's song, "One Last Time". (NOT HAMILTON OKAY)

Cover made by me. All pictures inside are made by me unless I say so. No stealing or claiming it as their own or I shall hunt down your sorry ass ;)

(Everything belongs to its rightful owners)

Published: 08/20/16
Finished: XXX

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1Kurosakiichigo1 1Kurosakiichigo1 Jul 22, 2017
*laughs soo much falls out of the bed and realises that it's going to happen*
TheSilentEspeon TheSilentEspeon Jun 30, 2017
Of course Flash had to be mention in a MLP romance fanfiction! XD
Geeky-Diva444 Geeky-Diva444 Aug 06, 2017
Y is this the only book on wattpad I like with them being actual ponies instead of human beings?  Coz I usually read humanised books.  I guess that this one is just really good!! 😀😆
ForeverPisces293 ForeverPisces293 Dec 15, 2017
*laughs* the coincidence that it was the last rule is even weirder
Geeky-Diva444 Geeky-Diva444 Aug 06, 2017
Oh mi gash!! Dis!  Is!  Dee!!  Most!!!  Loveeellyy!!!  Vook!!!  Evah!!! 
                              Please excuse my awesome/horrible italian/german accent.
                              I sometimes like to make myself look like an idiot that doesn't know any English at all. 😋
                              But seriously though.... I love this book!
XxSkittlePonyxX XxSkittlePonyxX Dec 31, 2017
I had to come back here because I DID forget about the 100th rule...