One Last Time

One Last Time

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i'M OkAY By -Rainbow_Dash- Updated Aug 05

❝I know I've failed you over and over. I need to fix my mistakes. All I want is to be with you again. Even if it meant... one last time...❞ || All characters belong to Hasbro, I do not own anything but the story.

Inspired by Ariana Grande's song, "One Last Time".

Cover made by me. All pictures inside are made by me unless I say so. No stealing or claiming it as their own.

Published: 08//20//16
Finished: XXX

mlpfim116 mlpfim116 Jul 22
*laughs soo much falls out of the bed and realises that it's going to happen*
Prince_Less Prince_Less Jun 30
Of course Flash had to be mention in a MLP romance fanfiction! XD
Petal-Ray23 Petal-Ray23 Aug 06
Oh mi gash!! Dis!  Is!  Dee!!  Most!!!  Loveeellyy!!!  Vook!!!  Evah!!! 
                              Please excuse my awesome/horrible italian/german accent.
                              I sometimes like to make myself look like an idiot that doesn't know any English at all. 😋
                              But seriously though.... I love this book!
silverbolet silverbolet Nov 19, 2016
Oh well see about that. ; ) good job, like the story, and yes please continue! Follow me if yo7 like im new to this.
                              LAST TIME 
                              I NEED TO BE 
                              THE ONE WHO-
You see Rainbow Dash on the cover, hanging her head? LOOK AT HER EYES! She looks like Derpy. XD