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For Cadence Myers, you're not a true friend unless you're a book. To her, all people did was lie to you and waste your time. And by her sixteenth birthday, she had had enough of it. 

With a workaholic as a mom and a dad who is behind bars, she wonders why she has no social skills. Not that she's lonely or anything. She's not. Honest. She's perfectly fine.

Anyway, why need friends if people like Dakota Black exist? Arrogant and as careless as he is annoying, Cadence wants nothing to do with the cocky male specimen. So what if he needs help passing almost three of his classes. That's his fault. So what if the good in her kind of wants to help him. She'll just have to ignore it. 

And so what if she kind of agreed to help him, failing to ignore her good side. Nothing would happen between the two of them.

And so what if he's attractive. He told her she was boring and had no life. And if anything, she was not the boring one, he was. Okay, so what if that was a lie? So what if he was the most popular guy in school? She didn't care. 

She was perfectly okay with eating lunch with her books in the library in the far corner alone. That was fine by her. So what if she might've wanted at least one friend in her over prestigious boarding school.
She was the quiet girl. She was the nobody. No one would want to be her friend anyway. 

And so what if Dakota Black kind of stole her heart along the way. Guys like him were just here to waste your time. Right? 

And so what if he made her so angry she could spit and so flushed you couldn't tell the difference between her and a tomato? 

So what if he was the only one that truly understood her and was pretty much her saving grace? 

And so what if he was, quite possibly, the love of her life? It didn't matter. It was just the effect that came with associating yourself with Dakota Black. 

And it didn't matter that when they were together, they became something more. 

They became Extraordinary.

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MeiSummer MeiSummer Jul 30, 2017
You can wear nude tights lined with velvet. Seriously helps during the winter 😊
acetylcholinee acetylcholinee Jun 26, 2017
You write exceptionally well, i must say!
                              This is a good opening chapter, and reels the reader in.
                              Personally, I'm not a huge fan of long chapters and this was quite long but that's not a bad thing and I'm sure a lot of people will disagree with me on that!
                              But this was a great start :)
Vani_lla1 Vani_lla1 Apr 27, 2017
I really like how you use big words and book references to show her bibliophilia!
MeiSummer MeiSummer Jul 30, 2017
When has missing your mom ever become something a loser would do? Kids these days 😒
WhateverFam1 WhateverFam1 Sep 23, 2016
Oh, my god, same. I hated gaveling a bottom locker, especially since I was taller than the owner of the locker above me
drowning-stars drowning-stars Sep 26, 2016