The Booted Cinderella

The Booted Cinderella

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Audriella is a eighteen year old girl. Her mother died when she was three years old and her dad became an alcoholic the paid her no attention. She was raised by her older brothers, Noah and Andrew. 

One day her dad remarried, just for money since he didn't enjoy working and was running low on money and needed more booze. Audriella and her brothers were treated like servants by their new stepmother and stepsisters. 

Their dad died from alcohol poisoning when Audriella was only eight years old leaving them in charge of a farm that Noah and Andrew had taken care of since they were ten years old, when their mother died. Their step family only grew worse so as soon as the brothers were old enough, they moved away and fought for custody of Audriella and they won. 

Now, seven years later, Audriella is going back to the farm in Wiscosnin to help. Not because she wants to see her stepfamily, but because she knows if she doesn't help, the farm won't reach the yearly quota and the bank will take it back. But what she doesn't expect, is for a boy to be appearing all cover the place and, ever so slowly, she finds herself falling for him.

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Wow a little mean? Give the guy a half chance... Wait I would probably do the same thing. Or I would hide in a corner. Lol!
I really like it! The brothers are great. I loved your description!
this is litteraly my life right now but instead my brothers and my step family it is my mom and dad who are both remarried. i libe on the farm with my mom thanks to the court  syestem,
@hoofprintson02 thanks for voting and commenting! It's made my day!
No problem! I'm enjoying the book so much! I am a fan!! 😀😀
AC-Heart92 AC-Heart92 Oct 14
I dropped by to say, love the twist. Cinderella but with a better understanding of country. And I live in Texas. The brothers made me laugh. I love them both already.