Texting Max and Harvey Mills

Texting Max and Harvey Mills

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{NOTE: This story is my first real story ever, please don't mind how bad it is. I will fix it one day}

Hayley is the most quietest 13 year old people know at school, but at home she is different. When she stumbles upon someone's number written in the corner of her library book she decides to text it. And turns out, it's her favorite people in the whole world.

{NOTE: the texting design in the story is INSPIRED off of releventmills, I am not trying to copy or still her idea in any way.}
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Cover by: @infinitysmilesag

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Nomin_AshleyOAFanfic Nomin_AshleyOAFanfic Nov 24, 2017
Lmaoo Imma try that one day if I saw someone's number on the science book and social studies book. 
Max_harvey_fangirl1 Max_harvey_fangirl1 Jul 09, 2017
Omg sorry if you read mine. I swear I didn't read yours before I just opened it now. Guys we had the same idea.
TheForeignSwaggers TheForeignSwaggers Aug 16, 2017
If I had max and Harvey's phone number, put them in my contacts as Thing 1 and Thing 2
AbbeyOD AbbeyOD Apr 15, 2017
How the heck did Max Mills phone number end up in a library book???!!!
MaxAndHarveyRAwesome MaxAndHarveyRAwesome Jan 29, 2017
Lol my name is Hailey and my step mom was born on March 6th, doesn't matter but I'm in the story and it has my step moms bday
Maacie Maacie Dec 11, 2016
Hey, I love this book so much and I almost cried at the end. I also read the 2nd book and it was AMAZING and I will not promise I didn't cry! You're amazing!