The Flower Girl

The Flower Girl

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Sydney Marie By Sydney724 Updated Nov 21

After being stranded in the forest for three years, Jennifer Jacobs is finally brought back to society. Her small town knows her as the missing child case of thirteen, but a certain guy sees her as much more. 

   Jennifer and her neighbor, Darren, are forced into a friendship caused by her mother attempting to push her back into the world. Darren can't stand Jennifer, seeing her only as a waste of time. But soon enough she will get under his skin and find out who Darren really is. 
   To Jennifer, Darren is more then a bad guy, only her eyes can see the truth behind his rebellious acts.

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Omg I'm already obsessed😍😍 u r one of my fave authors and I freaking threw my pencil across the room and jumped on my bed to read this🤘🏻