LunarEclipse High { TerrorSnuckle ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ } *DISCONTINUED*

LunarEclipse High { TerrorSnuckle ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ } *DISCONTINUED*

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TerrorNuckle = OTP By oOAbsentMindedOo Updated Nov 12, 2016

I'm not one to fight. 
I'm not one to lift a sword in battle.

I'm not one to harm. 
I'm not one to spit out words to sadden.

I'm not the one to save the world. 
I'm not one to face my fears...

...And win...

She chose me for a reason...

But what?



==> Golden Gaytimes <==

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_CheerToBeQueer_ _CheerToBeQueer_ May 21, 2017
You mean the fantastic world of fan fictions where the LGBTQ+ rights matter to everyone and everything that's living and breathing?? If so then... (MORE RAINBOWS AND SPARKLES) LET THE GAYNESS SPREAD!!
BlueFirePuppet BlueFirePuppet May 01, 2017
I'm Marion :D
                              (Also best introduktion ever!! xD i'm dead!!)
KanZendd KanZendd Dec 19, 2016
First ever Terrorsnuckel fic I've ever read!!! I'm excited!!!
King_Of_All_Gays King_Of_All_Gays Nov 23, 2016
Once I read this my reaction was like : YAAASSSSS *Squeals in pillow*
JesterLei JesterLei Oct 19, 2016
Hahaha golden gaytimes lol btw im ______ Lei but you can call me jes
NaLufan2000 NaLufan2000 Oct 07, 2018
Golden gaytimes...i'm so aussie I'm just wanting that ice cream rn