Lucky Inlove (Completed & Editing)

Lucky Inlove (Completed & Editing)

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Connor Julian Park (Ahn Jae Hyun). Well known as Prince Connor of CJP Academy. CJPA stands for Connor Julian Park Academy. Connor is a spoiled brat of his Mother and Father. He was born in Korea. He stayed there when he was in the age of 5 at Korea. At the age of 6 he was raised in Philippines until now. His Dad is a Full Korean with a large business in Korea. His Dad never came to the Philippines because of the business they have in Korea. Connor Julian Park is one of the most youngest wealthy heir of the Philippines. He has all! But he never learns how to love. 

Connor Julian has the love broken hearted necklace which completes it. They say..They are destined to each other. Connor is going to love her and deny his feelings for her.

Zoe Lilian Villar (Goo Hye Sun) is just an ordinary girl. She loves to makes sweets and pastries. They have their own shop near the Academy. In the first day of school, Her mom gave her a broken hearted necklace. She's not believing that the person who has the other necklace is destined. She has the hate ones, That means the destined guy is going to be her mortal enemy that she hasnt met yet.

What will happen if it gets completed? Would they suffer to death? Or suffer hiding their feelings from each other? They both decided to just hide their feelings and deny it.

Someone broke the decision, Someone confessed. He/She couldnt resist just seeing him with someone is making him/her hurt.

Please read the story to find out.


[Story inspired: Boys over Flowers]

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Fortritte Fortritte Mar 31
Author hahahahha ang haba po nang mwento puro space 😅😅🤗🤗
dahirocrea dahirocrea Mar 22
dahirocrea dahirocrea Mar 22
Gauudium Gauudium May 16
Guys basahin nyo yung sinulat kong short story nasa profile ko. 
                              Regrets of the future ang title. :)
tezizbad tezizbad 2 days ago
If you have given the foreword in English then the rest of the story should have been in English too... disappointed!!