YanSim Chatroom

YanSim Chatroom

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Multi-fandom garbage By AraTheWeirdo Updated Aug 05

welp, People wanted me to do another YanSim book, so here.

this is what happens when the cast of yansim are in a chatroom.

they will also have really weird usernames.

be warned, this book will be weird and random.
and a few ships will be referenced, huehuehue

Cover made by me

FuzzysoulYT FuzzysoulYT Jul 23
He has one too!!!!! I made mine into something looked like a cat pokemon. And it looks like iron.
Me every day, Kuu, me every day. I mean, why didnt i eat that cookie?
VixenWinter VixenWinter Jun 23
For Queen._.Baka I always randomly say BAKA in the middle of the sentence
*Me to Ara about her feelings of the Kubz Scouts references the people are commenting on some names*
Knock Knock? 
                              Who dere 
                              Jay who? 
                              JAY FROM THE KUBZ SCOUTS IS THAT DUDE