Young God // Klance

Young God // Klance

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"So he never comes out of his castle?"

"Never, don't ever go near him okay?"


Lance is a king of a small town, he's always in his castle and never goes out. Keith moves into the town and notices that Lance never comes out. He asks why Lance never comes out and everyone says he's a monster and dangerous. 

Keith being Keith gets curious so he decides to check out Lance for himself. 
He sneaks into the castle and meets Lance. Lance gets mad but he starts to flirt with the boy. 

He tries to tell Keith that he should stay away from him but that made Keith want to know more about Lance.  Keiths friend, Hunk doesn't want Keith near Lance so he tries to keep Keith from hanging with Lance but Keith doesn't listen. 

He wants to know more about Lance.

_FunkyandFunIris_ _FunkyandFunIris_ 6 days ago
In the Imortal words of Markiplier.......
                              NOOOOOOOOOOOOO THANK YOU NOT TODAAAAY
_FunkyandFunIris_ _FunkyandFunIris_ 6 days ago
If you're planning on going into the castle You might want to fix your gaydar.
_1kRISTY1_ _1kRISTY1_ 3 days ago
Um, so people are talking about this 'Dirty Laundry' yet I do not know what it is. Can someone please, please, pretty please with a cherry on top tell me what tf is Dirty Laundry??
YuzukiRika YuzukiRika Jul 10
Early for what? Sleep? When I move somewhere new, I can't sleep. I stay up all night exploring the neighborhood
_FunkyandFunIris_ _FunkyandFunIris_ 6 days ago
*out Christmas shopping with fam*
                              Me- Mum
                              Mum- What?
                              Me- Look at all of these-
                              Mum- don't say it
                              Me- BIG ASS TREES
KatTory KatTory 2 days ago
It took me this long to realize it, but Keith just broke into someone's castle