Young God ➫ klance

Young God ➫ klance

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‍‍‍ By -jayebum Updated Nov 18, 2017

"So he never comes out of his castle?"

"Never, don't ever go near him okay?"


Lance is a king of a small town, he's always in his castle and never goes out. Keith moves into the town and notices that Lance never comes out. He asks why Lance never comes out and everyone says he's a monster and dangerous. 

Keith being Keith gets curious so he decides to check out Lance for himself. 
He sneaks into the castle and meets Lance. Lance gets mad but he starts to flirt with the boy. 

He tries to tell Keith that he should stay away from him but that made Keith want to know more about Lance.  Keiths friend, Hunk doesn't want Keith near Lance so he tries to keep Keith from hanging with Lance but Keith doesn't listen. 

He wants to know more about Lance.

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TwirlsMaMustache TwirlsMaMustache Sep 03, 2017
Just reading about white couches has me anxious about drink spillage
                              I need help lol
CloaphOfBread CloaphOfBread Nov 22, 2017
All of you are making Halsey references and I’m over here thinking of Norigami when I saw the title. Even though Norigami means stray god. Brain, what? Who? Where? When? Why are you like this?
*Keith makes finger guns at Lance*
                              Kachow my soon to be husband
httppark httppark Aug 22, 2017
yeah just enter through the front entrance, its not the most obvious way in at all
kiketentu kiketentu Dec 15, 2017
"i read it as narnia not noria"
                              me; WELCOME TO NARNIA BICTCHES KI SAYS HI
kiketentu kiketentu Dec 15, 2017
friends; hes bad news dont talk to him
                              me; talks to him right after you say dont