The Phantom's Justice

The Phantom's Justice

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Speedy By speedy3511 Updated Oct 09, 2016

When Danny 5 he lost his family. 
For 3 years he was stuck with the GIW. When he was 8 he finally escaped he didn't know where to go. 
But that all changes when Nightwing finds him.
I don't know how to description 

One day I'll fix this shitty story but I'm way to lazy to right now

K Bai

JA-F0x JA-F0x Jun 17
D*MNIT BRUCE if u were a ghost ur obsession would be black haired kids... and adopting them
JA-F0x JA-F0x Jun 17
YAY NO CLIFFHANGERS authors just wanna leave ppl for dead on those things... THANK U
22shawm 22shawm Apr 09
Batman Fanfic rule#1 : Bruce must either sire or adopt new child or teenage characters or Batman must train or mentor or take in any child or teenage characters.
                              Me: Ren, Pinky promise you won't kill the new 3OC?
                              Ren: ugh, fine.
                              Me: okay, here she is!
                              Ren: *stabs the woman to death*
                              Me: REN, WTF!
                              Ren: WHAT? IT WAS TRAVIS' MOM!
                              Me: U PROMISED!!! *snaps Ren's hand off*
pcisnotsocial pcisnotsocial Dec 30, 2016
I do middle finger promises, if they break the promise I got to flip them off.
I walked up to my brother and said that in a Russian accent and he ran down the stairs, almost falling down them