Amnesia (Farkas x Reader x Brynjolf )

Amnesia (Farkas x Reader x Brynjolf )

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G.K. Eckhardt By graceeck Updated Dec 04

You awaken in an unfamiliar building, surrounded by unfamiliar faces. But that's not the only thing you can't recognize. You can't even remember anything about yourself, other than your own name. 
Your home. Your family. Who you are. 

As time goes on, your hope of rediscovering your past fades, and you soon become a member of the Companions. But what will happen when one day a man who knows you shows up in your life? Will you stay with your newfound home and love interest, or will you chase after the past that may be too far gone to get back?

I do not own Skyrim. All materials used belong to their rightful owners.

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I was an adventurer like yer, until I took an ARROW to the knee.
                              I have a t-shirt with that 😂
1) Damn I’m a rebel (if anyone gets that reference I will love you forever hint: YouTube) 
                              And 2) THOSE KIDS DESERVED IT (the Jarl’s mother trunking kids)
FrostyMew FrostyMew Aug 30
I think Farkas slashed me that's why I'm hurt maybe...oh names Alia Snow-Wolf
iiQuxxn_Bxx iiQuxxn_Bxx Jan 13
Go Farkas! Plus, I like how you didnt mention Farkas at the end. We all know Farkas can kick ass.