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You Saved Me/10K/Z Nation

You Saved Me/10K/Z Nation

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☾ By natzangishot Updated Feb 08

{Nat Zang/10K Fanfic}
3 years into a terrible zombie virus. 
Mia Kennedy has been traveling alone after her family died from zombies. Later on she found a dog and it's been following her ever since. It didnt have a collar on it so she named it Hashtag. She's been alone since day 1 until one day she met other survivors that might have a cure...
(This story will be take place during the show, I do not own anything or anyone besides Mia Kennedy, Leah Rose and Hashtag{Mia's dog} in the story.. Each chapter is an episode and my chapters tend to be long. {I skipped episode 1&2 though, because it start's in Mia's POV} I will switch the point of view's back and forth. Enjoy ღ!)

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