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愛を広げる By dakuma-chan Updated Feb 04, 2017


A stray baby neko, Ciel, is claimed by the demon Sebastian Michaelis, as Ciel grows up Sebastian gets too attached to him and Ciel does as well, read through the hardships and cute scenes of Ciel and Sebastian Michaelis.

NOTE: This in no way is meant to be a story with intentions of pedophilia, Sebastian's feelings to baby Ciel are only admiration, as Ciel grows Sebastian will grow to love him as well. This is all FICTION. Feel free to hate or love this story.

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I love this history and I ask You would give me permission to traslate youre history to the spanish and publish it 
                              Of corse,  You Will have the corresponding credits ;)
Chuck_A_Cupcake Chuck_A_Cupcake Apr 27, 2017
10 months no even 
                              Is how old ciel is 
                              10 MONTHS 
                              I'm ok with this
Stripper at Svante? Sorry... I just had too...
                              I'll be going now...
AmyMarkle AmyMarkle Aug 17, 2017
He's one hell of a pedophile....though he's also one in the show and manga...
LeviBabyHeichou LeviBabyHeichou Oct 09, 2016
First paragraph and I'm already swooning.. awwe. My little baby!!
scoutdog15 scoutdog15 Jan 11, 2017
I can't wait for the sex...this is why people think fan girls are weird/creepy