Ask Sansy Boi

Ask Sansy Boi

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Heya! It's me, Sans! And I'm here with my own story where you can ask ME anything!! Just don't write anything inappropriate, alright? 

Ok. See ya soon.

Cover by me, but the art isn't and it belongs to its rightful owner!

Teal55 Teal55 Aug 20, 2016
Hey Sans, do you like candy or chocolate at all? If so, what's your favourite?
DaWooWoo DaWooWoo Aug 21, 2016
Hey sans. What do you think of people shipping  you with a flower?
Cat_Girl_23 Cat_Girl_23 Aug 20, 2016
                              Do you think you'd win a tickle fight against me? 
                              If I get to you first, I can make you beg for mercy real fast >:3 
                              But then again, you DO have magic.. Eh. It's a matter of whose first I guess!