Incest | Chancheol

Incest | Chancheol

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Dominic Aguas By BoyCarat17 Updated Jan 14

in • cest /ˈinˌsest/ noun - is sexual activity between family members or close relatives.

Chan would think that he lived a perfect normal happy life with his father Seungcheol, his loving mother and his little brother....until that one unforgettable and fateful night that would turned his life upside down.

• Started: August 22, 2016
• Completed: TBA

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Warning: Sexual Content, Incest (well, duh; Father X Son), a bit of Profanity

ChildOfLunar ChildOfLunar Nov 11, 2016
Well bye bye chans innocents *waves as his innocents exits the room*
minghoew minghoew Dec 15, 2016
yeah and thats how ur mum suffering when they both became so kinky on night