Naruto Oneshots (x reader)

Naruto Oneshots (x reader)

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♩♪♫ヾ(  ◎▽◎)ノ♫♪♩ By naru_karu Updated Aug 11

-You-> going through relationship crap with your favorite Naruto character       ^3~ 

So far I have:

•Itachi                     ~                 (sad-ish)
•Hidan                     ~                (sad-ish)
•Deidara                 ~                (happy)
•Tobi/Obito           ~                (sad-ish)
•Neji                         ~                (happy-ish)
•Duckbutt      ヽ(ヅ)ノ         (sad/happy)
•Shino                      ~                (happy)
•Kaka-baka            ~                (happy)
•Gaara  x2               ~                (happy)
•Sasuke/Itachi x2~                (happy)
•Kiba                         ~                (happy)

(Idk why I did this^
 tbh I suck at descriptions)

Ask me and I'll most likely write a oneshot of your favorite character :3
I suck at writing, 
you have been warned, 
don't hate me -_-'

           -Thanks for reading till this far-
                            ( ꒪Д꒪)ノ mbai

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I would hug naruto and gaara and itachi and kakashi then untie them but leave Duckbutt there to die (sorry for people who like Duckbutt)
i would have my way with each of them, then untie them and do it all together
                              writing that made me feel like a slut
I am such a whore when it comes to hot anime characters...WTF
If untie Gaara so we can live happily ever after, and whoever is dumb enough to not blindfold Sasuke's and Itachi's eyes are going to suffer.
*Gives whole cookie to Gaara*
                              Here Panda, you get to have it for being a good husband. ^3^
                              (Also for being good to our kids) : )))))
Jacklyn_JJ Jacklyn_JJ May 30
I'll staring to them for a while(not too long)And try to help them....