Naruto Oneshots (x reader)

Naruto Oneshots (x reader)

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♩♪♫ヾ(  ◎▽◎)ノ♫♪♩ By naru_karu Updated Aug 11

-You-> going through relationship crap with your favorite Naruto-guy       ^3~ 

So far I have:

•Itachi                     ~                 (sad-ish)
•Hidan                     ~                (sad-ish)
•Deidara                 ~                (happy)
•Tobi/Obito           ~                (sad-ish)
•Neji                         ~                (happy-ish)
•Duckbutt      ヽ(ヅ)ノ         (sad/happy)
•Shino                      ~                (happy)
•Kaka-baka            ~                (happy)
•Gaara  x2               ~                (happy)
•Sasuke/Itachi x2~                (happy)
•Kiba                         ~                (happy)

(Idk why I did this^
 tbh I suck at descriptions)

Ask me and I'll most likely write a oneshot of your favorite Naruto guy :3
I suck at writing, 
you have been warned, 
don't hate me -_-'

           -Thanks for reading till this far-
                            ( ꒪Д꒪)ノ mbai

I would hug naruto and gaara and itachi and kakashi then untie them but leave Duckbutt there to die (sorry for people who like Duckbutt)
i would have my way with each of them, then untie them and do it all together
                              writing that made me feel like a slut
I am such a whore when it comes to hot anime characters...WTF
Jacklyn_JJ Jacklyn_JJ May 30
I'll staring to them for a while(not too long)And try to help them....
insaneNaru insaneNaru May 30
I would probably seduce all of them and do naughty stuff but of course I'd start with Naruto first
I'd probably go 50 shades of Gray on them...if I were completely honest...