Total Drama World Tour: The Irish Girl Goes Global

Total Drama World Tour: The Irish Girl Goes Global

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* C O M P L E T E D *
Stephanie has experienced a final of Total Drama, she knows what it's like. She also knows what it's like to come second place and wonder was all of that hard work even worth it?

Stephanie has returned to Ireland and has realised who her friends are and who her enemies are.

But now Stephanie is back and she's better and stronger than ever. This season she is determined to win and she's not going to let anyone get in her way. Not even the Spanish guy that is threatening to replace her in the 'foreigner of the show' department.

Follow Stephanie through a third season of adventures as she travels around the world to try to win one million dollars.

Disclaimer: The characters of the Total Drama series do not belong to me and all rights for those characters go to Teletoon and Fresh Tv. 
The character of Stephanie, Stephanie's family and her friends in Ireland belong entirely to me. Any evidence of plagiarism will be reported.

I love cody, he's my favorite...he'll buy us puppies! And he's really sweet...too bad serria probably broke his back already
Midnight: hey, you know what? I'm outta here too, I can't sing well at all, so screw you guys, i'm going back into the plane
This probably isn't what Chris had in mind when he asked the cast to sing.
A_Lil_Kat2002 A_Lil_Kat2002 Oct 03, 2016
My mom has an old recorder that I use to records songs. Most were World Tour and Ella's goodbye song from 'Pahkitew Island. Anyway. I sung this song. I did pretty good on this part.
Da_Fazbear_45 Da_Fazbear_45 Aug 29, 2016
I'm guessing since you hate Gwen, Duncan and Gwen won't be getting together?
RebelMist RebelMist Aug 23, 2016
U yeaah U -smiles- ur logic is BULLSHÎT MUTHAFVCKA YA HEAR BULLCRÀP 👿