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Pocahontas Jackson By PokaJackson Updated 3 days ago

"James look I-

"I know you don't have a boyfriend." I interrupt her. She then looks at me as if I caught her red handed.

"Look, that doesn't matter anymore. What do you want?" She asks 

"I want you" 

"Well I don't want you, now get out." She says turning around to walk away. I quickly grab her arm and pull her right back.

"Let go of me!" 

"I know you like me Ria, I can sense how I make you feel." 

"Oh yeah? How the he'll is that!" She yells trying to pull her arm away.

I then slide my hand into hers, I intertwine our fingers together. Causing her to look at our hands now connected. She then looks back up at me with confused eyes. I then place my hand on her cheek and she closes her eyes and lets out a sigh against it. 

"I know you feel things for me, I know you like me close to you. Just by the way you breathe, like right now." I say taking a look at her chest now moving up and down rapidly. 

"James what are you doing?" She asks

James Luchini a charming upcoming CEO of his stepfather's company, comes from a rough childhood. Dealing with his mother being a prostitute, living in multiple foster homes. He comes across this beautiful model named Andria Wilson. She opens his eyes to things, he never thought he could see before. Her personality was extremely sexy to him. The two constantly come into very complicated situations. Will there love be strong enough to fight through it all?

Read to find out. 

This story is a fun, crazy, dangerous roller coaster !

 (WARNING) Be aware this book is not PG13. It has adult rated R. Content. If you are easily affend by foul language, sex etc. I advise for you not to read.

julieth2401 julieth2401 Jan 20
If you don't get inside the damn house... Banging on the door like the police and when someone offers you a place you want to be rude...
tamlaura1 tamlaura1 Sep 03, 2016
I find your story very interesting so far, as far as mistakes I don't see that many, I have just as many on my stories, you are doing a good job, keep it up
PokaJackson PokaJackson Sep 03, 2016
Please ignore the mistakes made I am new to writing. 
                              Keep reading and comment anything you like, nothing negative though please.