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Mercy; Shawn Mendes

Mercy; Shawn Mendes

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🌻 By ILLUMlNATE Completed

"Would you please have mercy on me?
I'm a puppet on your string...."


I had to be smart and really think about it, "We break up after eight months, nothing longer. Everything is for show and when we're not in public nothing happens. You have your life and I'll have mine."

He nodded, "There's a couple of things I have as well. You'll be living with me, don't worry we'll have separate rooms. When in public don't talk unless spoken to. You don't try anything funny in public, I'm allowed to bring any girl I want home. And you are not to develop feelings for me." He smirked at the last part.

I rolled my eyes at how full of himself he is, "Don't worry I'll restrain myself."

He chuckled, "Great so do we have a deal?" He asked extending his hand out to me.


Started 8.20.16 || Finished 4.24.17

slimshadyshawnie slimshadyshawnie 2 days ago
No way it can be Shawn i mean that would be crazy (notice the sarcasm)
I love Selena and shawn and I would ship them even if Shawn is already my husband
I would've just sat there and looked up at him while roasting him, cause, I'm lazy like that 😂😂😂
Chaos_Dork Chaos_Dork Feb 16
My mom always says this everyday, "You only can have a boyfriend until you are done with college and with my approval!"
Thats what my mum says about me moving, I told her once I'm in my 20s and have enough money I either want to move to new York or Italy, I know, big dreams. But I want to do something big, live a life and say, yeah I went there. Or yeah I did this and I met this person and I can speak these languages