The REAL Dream Team.

The REAL Dream Team.

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Everyone knows about Karan Johar's latest ploy to get out of bankruptcy - hire a bunch of youngster actors, take them across America where they dance and kiss each other's necks, and charge a ridiculous price so he can afford more selfie sticks for his pouty instagram pictures. 

You have a twerking nine-year-old, a very short boy who's trying incredibly hard to hide his (lack of) height, a girl obsessed with losing weight, a woman who is awkwardly older than everyone else, a confused handsome man who is caught in a fake relationship, a self-absorbed rapper who refers to himself in third person, and a guy no one cares about. And the king of this train wreck, the ONE AND ONLY KARAN JOHAR.

But between the kissing up and fake cute group selfies, everything is not what it seems. Join Meenal as she tells you what's REALLY happening with the Dream Team. ;)

Disclaimer: This story contains twerking by little girls who think they're hot but are sadly mistaken. It is also written by a PMS-ing teenage girl who likes throwing shade. 

~NO HATE. Okay maybe a little. This story is purely humor, please do not get offended, as I will be making fun of EVERYONE, regardless of who I like. If you are easily hurt, then kindly do not read. :) I will not tolerate any bs. Thank you and enjoy!~

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-whatthecliche -whatthecliche Dec 28, 2017
You don't have to tell, their description in the start made it obvious 😂
proudindian61 proudindian61 Apr 14, 2017
OMG GIRL !!!!! Thats *speechless* ..... iNCREDABLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jugsburger jugsburger Aug 27, 2017
"Um....I was told to say Alia is my girlfriend. Okay bye." 😂😂😂😂😂
Mehak_9 Mehak_9 Oct 06, 2017
In my whole life never have i read a story like this😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
-whatthecliche -whatthecliche Dec 28, 2017
I'm laughing so hard! 😂, These hashtags are supposed to exist!! 😁
puppypower343 puppypower343 Sep 12, 2016
I am so happy that I am back on wattpad and I finally get to  read this book and talk to u on the group chat😏😏😏😏 I have been so dead everywhere but yay I get to read this book!! and Meenal IGNORE ALL THE HATERS🙄 They all eggs