Welcome to Wolf Pup Sanctuary (boyxboyxboy)(mpreg)

Welcome to Wolf Pup Sanctuary (boyxboyxboy)(mpreg)

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Jex By Dustwolf13 Updated 4 hours ago

Welcome to Wolf Pup Sanctuary, the place where lost or abandoned wolf pups and shifter pups come live with me until they can be released into the wild.

I do apologize, I have forgotten to introduce myself. I am Jaxon, a feline shifter. I know what you're thinking. "A feline looking after canines?!" And it is true. The pups learn to trust and to respect others in the woodland society, giving them a higher chance to survive.

So when two wolf pup shifters are brought to me, only to be wanted back by their mother, and the two Alpha's come to collect them, what do you think would happen?

Find out inside!
God that was bad... Just read it if you LIKE boyxboyxboy, mpreg and smut chapters.

scaranpannoir scaranpannoir Oct 14, 2016
As you have read in the description... XD Oooh that made me smile... Xd