Realizing a Mistake (NaLu)

Realizing a Mistake (NaLu)

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Evelyn By ievelina Completed

Lisanna just came back from Edolas and plans on ruining Lucy's and Natsu's friendship.Natsu kicks Lucy out of the team and so she leaves the guild.But what happens when Lucy meets the one and only Light Dragon Slayer, Sting Euclife and spends the next 3 years with him at Sabertooth? Will Natsu stay with Lisanna or will he go after the young Celestial Mage realizing his mistake?

The characters don't belong to me but to Hiro Mashima!

--By the way, I wrote this book when I was, like, 13. So I know it's not very good. Show some mercy in the comments, yeah?

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                              Because you're a pathetic slut, who is desperate to have everyone's attention.
                              Not to mention you're a piece of trash who doesn't know anything about feelings. So you're acting like a pretty girl while the reality is harsh for you who cannot accept that.
-MoonlightKitty- -MoonlightKitty- Oct 15, 2017
Welp, I would say I had an awesome time reading this story but the mood destroyer is basically Lasagna -frowns- Come on Nalu team, let’s kick Lisanna’s a•s!
ItsMeNamiii ItsMeNamiii May 23, 2017
What I think..🤔
                              I want to kill lisanna and I hate her(in the story😅)
PeachOSeed PeachOSeed Jun 28, 2017
WELL I THINK ITS SAFE TO SAY THAT we must all be calm about this and let Lucy Handle Lisanna herself like grown adults WHO AM I KIDDING LETS BURN LISANNA
imxnotxnormal imxnotxnormal Sep 15, 2017
When started reading and saw the picture, I thought she was coming for me
See? You B*tch deserve to die on that F*ck*ng mission. Go back to Edolas you Slut Psychopath!