The Red Wolf

The Red Wolf

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OtakuFantasyWolfe By OtakuFantasyWolfe Updated Aug 03

Alexya will become the Alpha of the Blue Moon Pack, the merciful yet powerful pack, on her birthday. It is also the day she will find her unnatural mate. 

Alexya has a bloodline from a long lost lineage of ancient red wolves. Making her a rare, fearful wolf. Yet even though she may be strong, enemies find her a threat and will try to eliminate her. 

With her life always at stake, will she be able to protect the people she loves, her pack, and even maybe her unknown enemy? 

. . .

His eyebrows furrowed, creases in his skin as I could feel his heartbeat heave heavily."G-get off me!" He shouted, trying to push me off.

I held him down and snarled, scaring him.

"What's wrong with our mate? Why is he like this?" 

. . .

"I don't think I'll be able to bring him home conscious..."


He struggled under my heavy wolf form, "Let me go!" 

. . .

He hissed at me and was about to dig his nails into my neck, when I swiftly hit his soft spot on the neck, knocking him out.

"See? That's why."

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kaedechan99 kaedechan99 Aug 24, 2016
Actually, it's the first time I ever read a werewolf story, but I LOVED it!
                              And I hope you best luck in Wattys!!
                              But just notice that you've actually written a passage twice in the same chapter. From "the rogue laid there" to "I'd let him know the pain"