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I Married Him for Them(On Hold)

I Married Him for Them(On Hold)

986 Reads 60 Votes 7 Part Story
Cierra By TwilightPotter Updated May 07, 2011

Adelaide is the Princess of the Vampire Kingdom. But not for long. When her parents are mysteriously killed, Adelaide has no choice but to marry a man she's never met on her 18th birthday. She must convert from the little girl that followed orders, to a young woman that gives orders. But, will her new husband take over instead?(Cover made by 100ways at TDA)

GWinchester GWinchester Jul 26, 2011
@TwilightPotter I don't think "blood" or "dead" has anything to do with that! I think as long as you don't use extreme swearing or intense sexual situations or too much violence, you'll be okay!
TwilightPotter TwilightPotter Jul 26, 2011
@SJ_Peplow I was trying to lower the rating, love. XD I wanted to enter it into the watty awards and it was rated R, so I tried to lower it, but it didn't work :P 
GWinchester GWinchester Jul 26, 2011
This was very captivating. One question though: come you spelled blood, bl**d or whatever, and spelled dead as d!ad? Idk just wondering. It's very good, but could use more descriptions! It would beef up the chapter a bit :)
BeautifulLies BeautifulLies Jan 01, 2011
Another great chapter! Keep up the good work! I have no clue what I would do if I was told I had to marry someone on my birthday none the less! I would freak for sure..good or bad depends on a lot of other things lol
BeautifulLies BeautifulLies Jan 01, 2011
I decided to return your kind favor and read one of your stories. I picked this one at random. Glad  I did!  It is very well written and I can not wait to read more. I was hooked from the first sentence.
TwilightPotter TwilightPotter Dec 31, 2010
@luvpixie112 Aww! You're a sweetie XD Just for you, I'll get going on Letters again, but there are going to be a lot of changes INCLUDING the title :) Loves ya, thanks for the comment chica =D