Fat Girl Diaries

Fat Girl Diaries

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BeautifullyOdd By BeautifullyOdd Updated May 22, 2014

Kyra Bentley is one of the schools "biggest" girls. She has been "in love" with a boy named Micheal Geathers ever since 4th grade. She is determined to get Micheal. But the way she's doing it, she 's only harming herself.  When will she realize?

Jamal has had a crush on Kyra for the longest big or small. He doesn't care. He protects her when she's made fun of and always makes sure that she's alright.  But after a deadly incident will he find out what Kyra is doing to herself?  What will he do?

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simplygr8jg simplygr8jg Feb 21
I hated those desk.my high school still had us sitting in desks similar to these in 08-09.except they were the old school ones like from the 60s & 70s.smh
Baaaeee15 Baaaeee15 Jun 24, 2016
Lil mama not even that pretty tbh lol😂😂 her music dope tho💯
bhogans bhogans Jul 29, 2016
The day I got expelled for helpin him open his locker by slammin his head against it
meganisluv meganisluv Feb 27, 2016
And all tht sht gonna sag one day you can't hold everything nice and tight
meganisluv meganisluv Feb 27, 2016
I feel the pain ppl call me Morgan wen my name clearly Megan then they say
                              It wrong and spell it wrong
PrettyMochaLolo PrettyMochaLolo Jul 04, 2015
I can't stand when people spell my name wrong much less say it wrong...I mean seriously Laura aint that hard muhfuckas calling be me Lori, Lauriel like bruh tf is that