Agents In Love (Mithmau and Corby Fanfic) MAKING A REMAKE

Agents In Love (Mithmau and Corby Fanfic) MAKING A REMAKE

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Shelby(Agent Shubble) and Max (Agent Mithzan) have been partners for a year now....(Not a Shelax fanfic people)

But as the disappearance of agents are rising, Ross, their boss (heh, it rhymes) put this case on the hands of these two plus two more agents, Corey(Agent NewScapePro) and Jess(Agent Aphmau)

As they work on this case.... Well, let's just say feelings are starting to rise..

(A/N: This is my very first book, hope you'll like it and I respect everyone's relationship)

*inter sonic slowly infinities* No me!  You're past these days! Stop!!!! *Theme song slowly stops playing*
Is it a fedora?
                              Please tell me it's a fedora.
                              Did he tip it?
                              Even more importantly.
                              Did he tip it in a dapper fashion?
                              TELL ME THIS IS LIFE OR DEATH!
                              I need help
GFrisk GFrisk Jan 06
No I saw it. It is Shelby's pov so we are seeing in the eyes of her.
                              Sorry for the smart Alic moment
caramelania caramelania Sep 21, 2016
You have great grammar, I couldn't even tell! What's your first language?
caramelania caramelania Sep 21, 2016
thank god those are everywhere like chill they're only friends
Topeaa Topeaa Sep 25, 2016
                              I forgot how to spell laughing there for a second.