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Juniper Wren Grace is an Omega in the Silver Moon Pack, cooking, cleaning, and being pushed around by the various pack members. She never met her parents, but heard stories about how brave and powerful the were. "How could two powerful people have such a weak daughter? What a waste." They would say. There was but another problem with Juniper that all the pack knew. She was deaf. She would just sigh and face the facts: 

She would never see her parents and she would never get out of being an Omega.
Last book in the One Trilogy

Vincent Chase is Alpha of the most powerful pack in the world, making him King of the Alphas and has searched far and wide for his Mate since he was 16 with no luck. The only pack he hasn't visited is the Silver Moon Pack. Firm when he wants to be, Vincent will do anything to get his Mate no matter who she is.


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samcarvajal01 samcarvajal01 Dec 29, 2017
So if I read this one do I have to read the other books to ?
Hnicole0204 Hnicole0204 Apr 23, 2017
Do you have to read the other books to understand this one....I probably will read the others but I like the description of this one a lot so I think I will read it first.
Nah bro I just like bursting my eardrums for the fun of it...of course I'm deaf!
Bbianca1993 Bbianca1993 Jun 08, 2017
It was Alpha Vincent that spoke first, but at the end of the paragraph it was the omega's wolf speaking up in her mind. Thus the "she" that was mentioned.
Slayingxx Slayingxx Sep 10, 2017
Noooo of course not I just like to occasionally burst my eardrums you know fun times
limitless_dangerous limitless_dangerous Oct 22, 2017
If your wolf has never spoken before then, then how do you know her name?