Twice the Rebellion (Book #2 of Regnante Series)

Twice the Rebellion (Book #2 of Regnante Series)

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(This is Book# 2 of the Regnante Series, and revolves around Arcangelo's children. If you haven't read Regnante, I suggest that you read it! This is a sequel!)

Serafina Marie Regnante.

Sweet, successful, sarcastic and gorgeous. These are the words used to describe the Mafia Boss's only daughter.

When they were 18, Serafina and her twin brother were given the option of leaving the Mafia life behind them. For good. 

She did.

Serafina thought she was finally free and could live a normal life. But how can she achieve a chance at normality when another Mafia Boss has his gaze set on her? 

Salvatore Emilio Regnante.

Cold. Ruthless. Killer. Can't love. Can't be loved. These are the words used to describe the most terrifying man alive.

Every shadow in the world knows not to mess with the devil in disguise. Everyone knows what unholy and cold blooded actions he is capable of. 

A long time ago,  Salvatore was ready to leave the Mafia life behind him - once and for all. But then something turned his world upside down.

Something that made him embrace the cold dark abyss inside him. Allowing it to consume him - for eternity. 

But what caused such a drastic change? 


"Happy endings only exist in fairy tails. Sister, dear."

"No." She denied. Always wanting to contradict my statement with no hard evidence. "It worked for mom and dad. It worked for me. Why can't it work for you?"

"Because..." I trailed while taking a sip of the alcoholic bubbling drink  in my glass. "Happy endings are for the heroes."

"And I, am the villain of my story."

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