love is unexpected

love is unexpected

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Vic Fuentes a 17 year old, what you'd call 'typical' boy. He loved his family and friends, he loved his band and making music. Everything was going well in Vic's life, there was no worries or bumps in the road. You could say he had it easy.. Until, His mother and father decided to foster Kellin. 

Kellin was also 17, but didn't have a life anything like Vic's, he had been though so much pain and so many different families he never thought he could finally settle and be happy. That was of course before he moved into the Fuentes house hold, and his life changed forever

Disclaimer: this book MAY cover some acts of violence, depression and sexual content

my morning consist of, me going to the kitchen, grabbing my breakfast, going back to my room.......and getting on my laptop...
When I met the guys in February I was wearing a Harry Potter shirt and Mike complimented it... I became a shy, stuttering mess 😂😂
*coughs* bass GUITAR *coughs* a bass is a type of guitar calm down guys *coughs*
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also; why is everyone like its vivian and victor though !1!1 its literally a fan fiction
people, this is FICTION, the writer can do what they want with the characters
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i like never have breakfasts like this. my mom is always "im not leaving, *leaves thirty minutes later" and goes to her boyfriends house.