love is unexpected

love is unexpected

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Kellinslegs2k17 By kellicIsPerfect Updated Jan 28

Vic Fuentes a 17 year old, what you'd call 'typical' boy. He loved his family and friends, he loved his band and making music. Everything was going well in Vic's life, there was no worries or bumps in the road. You could say he had it easy.. Until, His mother and father decided to foster Kellin. 

Kellin was also 17, but didn't have a life anything like Vic's, he had been though so much pain and so many different families he never thought he could finally settle and be happy. That was of course before he moved into the Fuentes house hold, and his life changed forever

Disclaimer: this book MAY cover some acts of violence, depression and sexual content

KobraKiddingMe KobraKiddingMe Nov 22, 2016
9:15??¿ I'd love to get up that late,,, what is your secret??
ItsStillBadForYou ItsStillBadForYou Sep 29, 2016
So I know I sound super mean but Jaime plays bass and Vic sings and plays rhythm guitar.
bandx101 bandx101 Aug 21, 2016
With tacos and a sombraro😂 im sure I speeled tge wrong dont judge lmao
fangirlFOB fangirlFOB Feb 01
I'm just like Kellin getting like 1 or 2 hours of sleep but that's because I'm an insomniac
"Video games" is that what they call the butt secks these days?
-flojo -flojo Oct 30, 2016
can y'all chill about the names it's a fanfiction not wikipedia