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Werewolf Academy

Werewolf Academy

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Her Royal Majesty, Queen Nutella By ToxicRoses Completed

I couldn't stop my eyes as they wandered around his body, looking at each and every curve and line. Though what caught my interest was his wolf mark, one that every wolf has.
His was a intricate design on his bicep that I was itching to touch. It went perfectly with his tanish skin and blonde hair. He was like a Roman $ex God, and I wouldn't mind "praying" to him, any day. 
"Eva,'' I looked up at Will's face, but my eyes decided to do they're own thing and traveled down his muscular body, eventually landing on his abs.
God! They don't even deserve to be called abs. They're more like a diamond washboard, that I feel tempted to wash my clothes on! Someone bring me the Downy!
His eyes turned a few shades darker then, his skin so close to mine that the heat radiated between our bodies. 
He moved closer, his crystal blue eyes a midnight blue, warming me to my core. He wanted me just as badly as I wanted him.
This was a battle between Alphas, who will dominate?
Game on Mr. Sexy Piece of A$s.

Santa Clause: Oh yes, I am Santa Clause and I will send my gnomes after you, Muahahahahaha hah 
                              Me: oh hell, no, get away Santa, you were good when I was little but now how you get into a of those houses, Back off demon!
jennymax jennymax May 14
How in the name of Hades did she come up with a horny rabbit.....😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😵😵😵im so dead bruh
trinkrazo trinkrazo Jun 15
This needs an editor.  It is incredibly hard to understand, I am beginning to wonder if she is a mental patient and she is simply dreaming.  She is incoherent.
trinkrazo trinkrazo Jun 15
They are fighting in a vehicle?  This is still a small space to be firing a weapon, but to miss in such a small space?
nicole8485 nicole8485 May 20
I still think that she nicknamed someone she hates Santa clause
good. I like a man that doesn't think violence and showing emotions is bad