Stuck? Now I'm with a Psychopath?! | Slow Updates

Stuck? Now I'm with a Psychopath?! | Slow Updates

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Yuki❄️ By Wynterlily Updated Jun 11, 2017

Hazel is from a military family and a big fan of DC she loves the batman movies and of course the joker is her favorite villain, though she always hated that he abused Harley even if she is really annoying. She doesn't understand how the joker turned out the way he is and how it didn't happen to her she always wondered if she would go crazy because her life is as bad as his............but hey, everyone is a little insane even if they don't show it.

So what happens when she gets into a car accident and is sent to the world of joker and batman? What if she somehow becomes a doctor at Arkham Asylum and the doctor to the joker? 

Now throw in some crazy love, guns and explosions and you got your love story

  • abuse
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  • blood
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  • explosions
  • guns
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  • jaredleto
  • joker
  • love
  • mentalproblems
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vileAmkeran vileAmkeran Oct 11, 2017
Same but I love my brother and I can a pervert and really flirty
The-Nerd-Who-Lived The-Nerd-Who-Lived Sep 24, 2016
Me too !!!! I love all of those except dad  because I don't know my dad, running cuz I have asthma and the navy cuz I've never been in it but my grandpa was he learn most of the gings he has taught me there so I guess I kind of like it
Annxbxlx Annxbxlx Dec 28, 2016
Crawling though back door, didn't leave a mark. No one knows if you Miss Jackson, Jackson.
The-Nerd-Who-Lived The-Nerd-Who-Lived Sep 24, 2016
Me too except my mother and I kind of am a pervert but I don't like older pervs younger than me its OK cuz they will probably be my friends