Three Hot Boys Are A Crowd

Three Hot Boys Are A Crowd

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Ezra C. By Vampiressuck2 Updated Dec 06, 2015

[Book 3 to PWBGA13]  "Holy shit! This is my diary."   It's Tyler's senior year of highschool and he's already ready to leave town. College is so close he can taste it. This year is gonna be different; Ariel's gone off to college herself and he's single. He hasn't taken an interest in anyone since he and Demetrius broke up. Now, Tyler is mainly focused on getting good grades this year and relaxing. But that'll have to wait when Ace  takes an interest in him and so does his close friend, Finn. Tyler just doesn't know what to do with all this male attention. Or will Demetrius come back into the picture to stop all of the romance? Ever heard of three is a crowd? Well three hot boys are a crowd for Tyler.


Cover made by suck_my_dope.

adam1939 adam1939 Oct 11
I read the past 2 almost 2 years ago but could never get into this, I'm gonna try again 😄😄😄
I hate this sooooo much I'm sorry but my children my sweet sweet children broke up *starts choking on tears* h-how could u do this to me, no TO US the dyler lovers. WHY AUTHOR CHAN WHHHHHHHHYYYYYY
Oh might want to put some Tyler x Demetrius then.....!!
No. Dyler did NOT break up. YOU CANNOT DO THIS TO ME! THEY ARE TOO CUTE TOGETHER!! I will ship Dyler no matter what
Minie1026 Minie1026 Feb 17
Bruhh seriously 
                              Ion want tp get old😨😔😐
                              1 yr later than an other
                              Cycle repeated bam!
                              Im old well "that's great"
                              Time is going by soo fast.
                              Lemme stop.
I feel like my heart has been taken out of my chest, stomped on, thrown in the dumpster, given to flesh eating wolves, then putting whatever remained in the blender so it can be drunken by apes