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bonding moments » k.l

bonding moments » k.l

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:・゚✧ruby By paperseok Completed


Klance Fanfiction // The ship is practically canon so I mean, how can people not ship this?

Edit: ok so this fanfic basically includes science defying things, so just roll with it ty

Lance and Keith have been fighting more than usual lately, and it's getting on everyone's nerves. Their petty arguments interrupt the Paladins training regularly, so the leader decides to step up. Shiro comes up with an idea to try and get Keith and Lance to bond together, and it goes better then what was planned...

{Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters or Voltron, and the cover art and artwork used in the story is NOT mine. Credit goes to the amazing Klance artists ;-;}

frit66 frit66 3 hours ago
Shiro please remember that one time Keith tried to jump from side of the cliff of sudden death to the other. Yeah Keith is more mature sureeeee
chippyk67 chippyk67 May 15
Keith is reckless and immature... He just hides it better lol
NaomiCatYard NaomiCatYard 6 days ago
The Insanely Cool: Jared Kleinman is here to say: Kinky, or hot.
Allura: oh that's a marvelous idea, we can force them to get closer with this.
                              Shiro: oh no it's not for them I just need a pair of handcuffs, I was just going to make them play truth or dare or something
NaomiCatYard NaomiCatYard 6 days ago
Excuse me? He hides his inner loneliness by flirting and seeming immature.
Sanmiittai Sanmiittai 4 days ago
so very kink
                              much kink right here
                              the kink is strong with these two