bonding moments || klance

bonding moments || klance

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Klance Fanfiction // The ship is practically canon so I mean, how can people not ship this?

Edit: ok so this fanfic basically includes science defying things, so just roll with it ty

Lance and Keith have been fighting more than usual lately, and it's getting on everyone's nerves. Their petty arguments interrupt the Paladins training regularly, so the leader decides to step up. Shiro comes up with an idea to try and get Keith and Lance to bond together, and it goes better then what was planned...

{Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters or Voltron, and the cover art and artwork used in the story is NOT mine. Credit goes to the amazing Klance artists ;-;}

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zeConfusedPineapple zeConfusedPineapple Dec 07, 2017
"Perahaps", do you mean like in 'maybe', or like, 'they can'
zeConfusedPineapple zeConfusedPineapple Dec 07, 2017
I'm just imagining Jared Kleinman sitting in the corner of the room and whispering to Evan who's also there: "kinky", but he says it loud enough so that everyone else can hear it too and Keith and Lance just become two blushing messes...... and hard.. they vet hard too
ains246 ains246 Nov 08, 2017
Wait how the bloody hell do you expect them to do anything literally anything you want to form Voltron well they need to be in seperate lions they couldn’t train either
eat_yaoi_repeat eat_yaoi_repeat Nov 18, 2017
Me at 4 am dug so deep into Voltron hell that there is so escape.
                              Oh....I said one more chapter??? HA...I meant 10 more fanfics.
zeConfusedPineapple zeConfusedPineapple Dec 07, 2017
............. I wanna argue.. but I can't.... cuz it's t r u e
How are they supposed to be in their lions then. Can't really try forming Voltron until cuffs are gone so... what if there's an attack?