The Alpha's Black Mate (BWWM story)

The Alpha's Black Mate (BWWM story)

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Supernatural_girl101 By Supernatural_girl101 Updated Nov 05, 2016

Nobody excepted a black girl to be the Luna and neither did Nia what happens when she meets the alpha King and he turns out to be her mate.
Mine! He growled 

And everyone turned and looked 

"Oh shit"

Black is beautiful, white is beautiful, Muslims are beautiful, Spanish people are beautiful, Indians are beautiful, and Africans are beautiful.
                              Everyone holds beauty within them, I don't want to rage trying to make a good lesson.
KayKay1998 KayKay1998 Oct 25, 2016
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_SpoiledBrattt _SpoiledBrattt Sep 08, 2016
How are they twins if her birthday is tomorrow ? And Milly is already 16 ? 😂
@Supernatural_girl101 Who is Mike? I need to know cause he's hot as hell!!!!!
teenage_dirtbag18 teenage_dirtbag18 Nov 20, 2016
She looks annoying she reminds me of the days i didnt know better
thecakeisalie24 thecakeisalie24 Oct 17, 2016
Bitch*takes out journal and starts flipping through the pages*
                              Kelly: What r u looking 4?
                              Me: Where anyone asked for your opinion. Oh..... Burn!! Do you need some Ice with that? I said with an innocent smile.😇😂