The Beta and The Grim Reaper

The Beta and The Grim Reaper

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VivaciousVintage By VivaciousVintage Updated Jan 01, 2017

The grim reaper had never been so insulted in his entire existence. He was to harvest the soul of one, Kelly, who happened to be a werewolf. A measly werewolf. And she had told him 'not today babe!" she dared call him babe. He was enraged and turned on. No not turned on, simply enraged. 

Kelly is a happy go lucky girl. She doesn't believe there is evil in the world, until her Luna almost kills her. She vows to not let the dark in her past control her future, but it's hard to not break that vow when the grim reaper decides to keep popping up wherever she goes. 

"Yes, yes you know me. I think I have featured in your dreams lately," he said, studying my face intently. "I think your words on our first meeting were "not today babe," he finished, glaring at me.


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tvd1992 tvd1992 Aug 20, 2016
I really love that you given him the name Grey it reminds me of Fifty Shades of Grey and right now I'm imagine him being christian grey
AdlynSmith AdlynSmith Aug 23, 2016
Plus i also see Remi's reluctance to take up d Alpha mantle that it seems almost funny.  Lol.  Who is that man in her office?
AdlynSmith AdlynSmith Aug 23, 2016
Being in her presence causes him to remember his own name. Because she is his soul mate.  I like where this is going. And thanks very much for reading one of my books and for voting on the chapters.  It meant alot.
AdlynSmith AdlynSmith Aug 23, 2016
Hearing d scene told from a different pov paints a more telling picture. I feel Kelly's pain so much over Ken's lost.