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Inspired by Taeyeon eoni's song rain~
But i didn't do what the lyrics mean~
(Short story!♡)

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One dark day night, the clouds are so dark and the rain is falling heavily. Even the people cannot argue with the flood anymore. Two strangers met but with cold and childish heart.

Taeyeon was so childish, she was so happy when its raining hard or a simple rain. She was a little saddened when the day is so bright. Taeyeon just cannot get along with the bright. But sometimes you cannot understand her, her personality sometimes changes.

Taeyeon finished elementary and high school but afterwards she decide to not continue to study but her mother agree for her daughter's decision.

Baekhyun was a alcoholic man, he cannot live without a bad business in one day. Even his life is so perfect and have a great family relationship but what is the reason when his life is like that?

But one of them have a mysterious signs...

The two meet at that day and the story.... Began...

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