Love For Mercy||Sans X Frisk Fanfiction

Love For Mercy||Sans X Frisk Fanfiction

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Sam By SophiaAlyssaLuceroMa Updated a day ago

"The choices we make,determine our destiny."~Brandon October

The Monsters,including their hero,Frisk,has returned to the surface.A breath of fresh air filled their noses and the beautiful sky showed itself.
They were happy...

Some years later...About 8 years...

Frisk was given a choice by an uncertain friend.

And this friend seemed to have something deeper than we thought...

Me when u talk to my crush 😂
                              I'll always manage to say something stupid
coolguyawesome coolguyawesome a day ago
1.its Frans
                              I FOUND HEAVEN…FINNALY…A GOOD FRANS STORY…
ok tht sounds fine i wo;t judge about asreil i'm just happy i'm not the only person who ships Frans, cause every undertale comic dub serries that envoloves sans its SORIEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-dawnHeart- -dawnHeart- Nov 13
Oh you totally meant it like t͟h͟a͟t͟ h͟e͟h͟e͟h͟e͟h͟e͟h͟e͟h͟
Sans x frisk is totally not weird since sans is a skeleton and frisk is a human. But how could frisk survive falling like, 500 feet to the ground. This game has the best logic since Mario logic.
Sans is the older brother. Not Papyrus. Sans might be short but he is the older brother. Chec in Undertale Wikia.