The Slayer's Strength (Smaug's Bane Trilogy ) Hobbit/Legolas

The Slayer's Strength (Smaug's Bane Trilogy ) Hobbit/Legolas

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A loud boom filled the air and debris was flung from the Mountainside. The sky was filled with flecks of gold flying down from the clouds with a giant shadow hovering over it. 

And that was when I first saw him, a shadow on the horizon every growing as it heading towards Laketown, with my dual blades drawn and hair flying behind me in the wind. The thundering of my heart was all I could hear as i watched the lizard flying towards us. Already screams could be heard and I knew that soon the world be consumed in dragon fire and death.

"What have they done? 
                                                                                       - - -
Authiel Galadhirm arrived at Bag End, Hobbiton on the same night as the Thirteen Dwarves and Gandalf the Grey which was no coincidence. As the fifteenth member of the Company of Thorin Oakenshield, they left the safety of the Shire to do a seemingly impossibly task. 

Several months later they have all but done it, Erebor is once again in the hands of the Dwarves and all they have to do is deal with a fire breathing dragon. Should be simple enough, right? But Smaug is not the only enemy that they face and this Slayer will find her strength tested as she spends more time among her kin and the bond with her companions develops; can she risk everything to save the men of the Lake? Or will the storm of blood and pain in her heart overwhelm her completely?

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KarinaJensen0 KarinaJensen0 Aug 23, 2016
Wee look forward to read more :D but I'm sad that it will soon be over :'(