Mated to my bully

Mated to my bully

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5thangel120 By 5thangel120 Updated Sep 11

Just when I was about to fall I felt hands holding me by my waist and sparks erupted I instantly knew I've found my mate I slowly opened my eyes to see Blake staring me in awe but moment lasted to short when he realized who he was holding and now was looking at me with disgust and my heart immediately shattered . No I'm supposed to have a beautiful mate not some donkey he said angrily and dropped me my heart shattered even more if that was possible like he threw it then ran over it 

Meet Bella 
Nerd of the school  gets bullied and abused by her father but no one knows she thought once she found her mate he will take her  out of this hell hole instantly but when was luck ever on her side 

Meet Blake soon to be alpha typical bad boy drugs parties girls all that other shît he's soon to turn 18 so he will find his mate he can't wait to have someone all to himself and protect and care for her even if that means getting tied down

  • abuse
  • alpha
  • badboy
  • bullied
  • love
  • mate
  • possessive
  • werewolf
It doesn't sound very aggressive and I'm sorry but this no punctuation stuff is really getting to me😐but imma keep reading cuz it seems like a good book
sandra_150 sandra_150 Jul 29
This story is super good! Your description is great...maybe just add some more periods and comas
AutumnS342 AutumnS342 Jul 11
o my lord. when I first read the description I was instantly super mad at this boii, like so mad that I couldn't sleep if i didn't start reading. but he's already kinda making up for it for having underlying feelings. Im still mad at him tho.
not 2 b rude but you don't have any periods at the ends of the sentences
5thangel120 5thangel120 Aug 20, 2016
I'll make sure to add quotation marks in part 3 and thx 💘💓